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Michel Khozam

Founder and President

Michel and his team have been building, renovating, and restoring homes in the greater San Diego area since 2004. Both his father and grandfather before him were also builders. Prior to founding ZMK, Michel was an engineer for 13 years.

While employed as an engineer, Michel purchased, restored, renovated and lived in vintage as well as modern homes. Michel’s general aptitude for architectural design and construction propelled him to a whole new level in his field.

Successfully completing this kind of ambitious undertaking requires the vision of a master craftsman directing a talented and experienced team. Michel Khozam, founder and president of ZMK, is a true master of his rare craft and a man who brings history to life. He creates living spaces, not museums where everything is frozen in time. The structures he restores become homes and buildings that people love living and working in every day.

“Our projects have run the gamut over the years from the simple facelift to a gut rehab,” Michel explains. “Every project involves careful planning, a respect for the history and a clear vision of the end goal. A lack of careful planning is often where many projects fail before they even get started. Our goal is to develop a transparent relationship with a home or building owner from the beginning, so they are empowered to make informed decisions that results in exactly what they envisioned.”


Cheri Fitzner

Associate Interior Designer

Cheri has designed a multitude of residential remodeling projects, from luxurious master suites and kitchens to multi-story luxury buildings, and everything in between. She enjoys working with her clients to improve their living experience through timeless design, elegance and comfort. Cheri’s meticulous attention to architectural detailing and her lavish application of color, texture, and pattern are hallmarks of her style. Cheri developed a passion for both classical and modern elements of design and decoration early in her career while working closely with ZMK’s President, Michel Khozam.

Cheri’s architectural detailing, coupled with her understanding of furniture style and function, enables her to create extraordinary and timeless interiors for her clients. Cheri is able to translate the hopes and dreams of her clients by customizing her design to exceed expectations. Seamlessly blending traditional styles with modern sensibilities to achieve a relaxed, yet comfortable elegance, Cheri proves that the classical vocabulary continues to be fresh, clever, and pertinent to contemporary life.

“At the beginning of a first visit with a client, I’m listening carefully to what they see as their dream interior. Seeing that vision come to life is my #1 priority and I am their first point of contact every step of the way. I welcome all of their questions, encourage them to express any concerns and value their ongoing feedback. I take that responsibility seriously as we transform their living space together.”


Kristi Hughes

Associate Creative Designer

Kristi is an award-winning designer with over 30 years of experience transforming everything from residential homes, to industrial spaces, to the interiors of Boeing 727 and 747 aircrafts. She has been featured in Architectural Digest as well as several local magazines for her ability to create distinct and memorable spaces with every project.

Kristi’s talent stems from an innate love of design and a deep passion for connecting people to the space around them. She has an unparalleled ability to capture a client’s unique taste, creating a memorable ambiance with style and balance.

“A designer must not only possess a strong visual sense of how elements, colors and space work with each other, but how the client will feel within the space” says Kristi. “The space is an expression of the person. Capturing that essence is what makes a room feel like home.”

Kristi’s vision, leadership, and passion for extraordinary design make her an invaluable asset to the ZMK team.