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Moving the Classroom to the Job Site: San Diego Mesa College Students Get First-Hand Experience with ZMK

SAN DIEGO, CA – July 2018 – Students from the Real Estate Practice course at San Diego Mesa College joined Michel Khozam CEO & Founder of ZMK Construction for a private in-depth tour of ZMK’s next residential project in progress to gain real-world experience of how construction impacts real-estate.

The Real Estate Practice course, taught by Beverly Miller, examines the principles of real estate practice as they pertain to day-to-day operations in a real estate office. A key part of the experience with ZMK was focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the architectural structure of a residence, why it matters to a clients renovation options, and ultimately how it impacts their investment as a whole.

“It’s really important for real estate agents to consider the structural architecture of the house, the history, materials and potential renovation options and cost when selling to potential clients,” commented Michel Khozam.

“There’s nothing that will educate better than seeing the work and detail that goes into each home. But just as important as the project is learning how to do great work for clients in delivering their vision of a dream home. We’re happy to share our experience in hopes of developing future real estate professionals as leaders in the San Diego community.”

The Mesa College course covers incorporates topics such as listings, valuations, prospecting, selling, financing, exchanges, taxation, and specialized brokerage operations. Professional and ethical activities are stressed. This course applies toward the State’s educational requirements for the broker’s examination and as an elective for the salesperson’s license.

About ZMK Construction

ZMK Construction is a premier, award-winning architectural and design build firm in San Diego specializing in delivering high-quality residential, restoration and commercial projects.

We employ the latest eco-friendly materials and design innovation to create structures that are beautifully designed, cost-effective, and built for long-term sustainability. Whether it’s building from scratch, remodeling or restoring, we focus on adding value to your vision.

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