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Exquisite Remodel of Luxury Estate in Rancho Santa Fe Valley

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Location: Rancho Santa Fe Valley, San Diego, CA
Project: Remodel of 4,500 square foot, 5 bedroom / 6 bathroom home. Project highlights included a new study, grand bathroom, and family room.

ZMK’s award-winning Michel Khozam has recently finished one of his most prominent and luxurious interior projects, located in one of the most exclusive gated communities in Rancho Santa Fe Valley, California.

“Our client wanted to do something with the room next to the entry foyer. 22-foot ceiling height, the room was uninviting and had nothing to draw you into the space. The 22-foot ceilings did not maximize the square footage or function.”

The ZMK team divided the tall room into two separate rooms one on top of the other. The upper room was transformed into a study with a grand bathroom; the lower existing room a secondary family room.

“The study room shown in the photos is the main focus of our design” commented Michel Khozam. “We wanted to create a study room where our client can take time off and relax in a quiet space with a glass of something wonderful, while marveling at the eclectic and sophisticated design with exquisite detail.”

Michel Khozam’s impressive mastery of a broad range of styles, coupled with his unequaled attention to detail and commitment has earned him significant recognition in San Diego and Orange County.

“My gratitude goes out to my wonderful crew and my talented team of designers Tiffany Bombard with Bombard Interiors, and Interior Graphic Artist & Designer, Daria Naryshkina.”

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